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A Teton suffer-fest and icy cold swim.

Ahhhhh memories of a great adventure in the Tetons. This photo was taken on a summer day by my dear friend Rachel. She suggested an adventure and off we went into Grand Teton National Park. Many thousands of feet of elevation gain awaited. We bushwhacked our way up and up through a wild, remote canyon going far from the valley floor. Eventually we could see a huge cascading waterfall thundering in the distance. At the top of the waterfall was this clear, perfect, alpine lake. Surrounded by mountain peaks, with snow still melting into the water. After hours of hiking to arrive, I ran to the lake and jumped in straight away! It was every bit as refreshing as I'd dreamed. And even colder than I had expected! I pulled myself out of the stunningly clear and cold water and enjoyed a snack while we lounged at the lake and enjoyed solitude, smiles, and beautiful views. Hours later, we were back at the valley floor just in time for a summer sunset feeling happy for a day of nature, exploring, and good company. Also feeling a little hypothermic : )

Do you have memories of adventures that still make you smile? I hope everyone is making the best of quarantine times, and planning for the adventures to come!


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