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Dream jobs in the mountains. Tips from Mountain Careers founder Aryn.

COVID-19 has created job or career changes for so many of us, and it’s also a time that many people are considering big life or career moves.

Aryn Schlichting is the Founder of Mountain Careers. Her weekly newsletter connects job seekers with compelling professional opportunities in mountain towns.

Today we’re chatting with Aryn about a virtual series that can help anyone thinking of career changes or big moves, that you can tune into today. The series is free, and hosted by Aryn and other mountain town based founders across the west.

We're also getting her input on how mountain towns, and the residents who work and live there, could evolve in the future. This is a potential time for big changes and evolution - let's look forward and be sure our lives, and careers, look the way we want them to.

Aryn, tell me about the career change series - I think this could be helpful for so many people right now.

It’s a four-part virtual series, “Explore Your Future: Discover, Design, and Develop Your Career.”

It’s for anyone considering a career change. Maybe you’ve been ready to pursue a change for a long time, or perhaps recent events have shifted your course. This series will give you perspective and tools moving forward.

So the next session is TODAY at 5:30 pm MST. There’s a link below with details of session topics and the mountain town dwelling founders leading them. What if people missed the earlier sessions, and what is the cost for this series?

You can watch any previous sessions that you missed - all sessions stay available, for free, online.

It is free to sign up. There is the option to donate, with all donations going to Sacred Cycle, an outdoor based non-profit in Vail.

This sounds so amazing - and really helpful given the current situation.

I’m so happy to share this. Each session is led by founders who have outdoor centered values, and dream big.

The sessions have been really well attended, and it’s great to be able to reach people across different mountain towns, and people in urban areas interested in the mountain lifestyle.

What changes do you foresee as careers and employers adjust?

As an HR professional I’m excited for possibilities that could be a win all around.

This is an opportunity for a lot of employers to innovate their workplaces. Things that are beneficial for employers can match up with what job seekers want, like remote work or flexible schedules to enjoy the outdoors. There will be innovation and new ideas as we get to a new normal.

What changes do you expect in mountain towns?

I think mountain towns will see an increase of professionals moving here. If their employer now has them working remote… can they work remote from a mountain location?

If we see growth in mountain towns, it can create opportunities for people to have a meaningful career along with the mountain lifestyle.

The current situation is highlighting that basing our economy solely on tourism is not sustainable. How can we change for the better, in this new normal? How can we help businesses and people to thrive?

I’m driven to see better professional opportunities for people in the mountains. My life has been in the mountains, and I can only imagine my kids are going to want to live this lifestyle when they are older. If people find ways to innovate, and build resilient economies here, it’s a benefit to all of us.

What are your best pieces of advice for anyone thinking of career changes right now?

If you have the capacity for networking, this is a good time to be showing up and engaging at virtual events.

I’d also suggest the book, “Designing Your Life.” It’s an amazing book that can really help people dig into their life.

Also, know that compelling jobs in the mountains are still coming up. The numbers are lower, but hiring is still happening.

For people who are looking for new opportunities or curious about their careers, now is a good time to see what’s out there and stay tuned in. There are opportunities every day.

People are navigating uncertainty right now due to COVID-19, possibly with their career or considering lifestyle changes. What are your thoughts for someone considering a move to the mountains?

My goal with Mountain Careers is to inspire people to find meaningful careers in the mountains. Where you live is as important as what you do.

If you’ve wondered about moving to the mountains, maybe now is the time to lean into the nudge of the situation, and take the risk.

Thank you for sharing, Aryn!

Tune in today - or anytime to access the career change series

Free sessions hosted by Mountain Careers, Windrose Coaching, Sendline, and Restorative Adventures.

Explore opportunities in mountain towns, or sign up for the Mountain Careers weekly newsletter


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